Citadel Lead Gen and Buyer's Guide Workflows

For Citadel Roofing & Solar I created two workflows that were included in a large client nurturing process. Lead generation workflow included a landing page and a thank-you page that was triggered by a Pay-per-click ad. The creative idea "Be Empowered" was a part of a bigger creative development for the following workflows. The intention behind "Power" headlines was to make potential customers feel empowered by going solar and be able to use house appliances that use a lot of electrical power.


The Buyer's Guide workflow takes a potential customer on a journey, encouraging them to download a free ebook to learn about solar energy and how to start benefiting from it.


For the pieces presented here, I picked most of the images, created the icons and laid-out the elements.


These assets were constructed following responsive design guidelines. The hero images were customized for mobile screens.

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